Aceret (Acitretin)


Aceret (Acitretin) is an oral retinoid (derivative of Vitamin-A) used to treat severe psoriasis and other skin conditions. This drug can also be used in conjuction with other anti-psoriatic drugs.

It works by causing the affected areas of skin to peel off or clear. The mechanism of action is a slowing of the proliferation of the skin cells. More than half of patients treated should respond. Improvement should be noticed after 2 weeks and peak at around 12 weeks.

Dosage and Administration

Aceret (Acitretin) comes as capsules which are administered orally. Your physician will provide dosage instructions for you which must be followed at all times.

Side effects

Aceret (Acitretin) may cause side effects. If any serious reactions occur, seek medical treatment immediatley.

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