What We Provide

It is true to say that we are all complex living “chemical test tubes”.  Everything we eat causes a reaction in our bodies.  Everything we do physically and mentally will also cause a reaction and  through our community, we aim to bring education along with hard facts (where available) that deal with  the root cause of diseases of the body and mind. To this end, we aim to consolidate rich content on “Health Matters” that cover a comprehensive range of health topics.

For medical services, the aim of Hospital Advisor is to bring transparency to the community of the quality of care offered by healthcare institutions internationally, as experienced by users (patients).  Honest and informative feedback from patients is key in allowing other community members to gain insight into their personal experience.  Healthcare institutions will also become more aware of the feedback to maintain a level of care that patents should feel good about consistently.   

Proper analysis of the root cause of ailments is a key responsibility of healthcare professionals and institutions and is more important than being prescribed a pill or treatment (medical or cosmetic) that may have health implications later on.  

We have extended the same principles for pet owners who care for their beloved companions and will be keen to ensure the best care and attention from veterinary practices.