Why are injections for MMR vital for all children?


Vaccines for MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) have contributed to a signification reduction in spread of MMR disease in children of all ages. Since mumps, rubella and measles are among serious infectious conditions that can have potentially fatal complications, including deafness, meningitis and swelling of the brain (encephalitis).

According to some studies, measles can lead to death even with modern medicines, it becomes highly important for parents to get their children immunized against MMR diseases.

Vaccines for MMR provides safe and effective vaccine through one injection solution that protects children, mothers and adults from all three diseases (measles, mumps and rubella).

So it is very important for you and your children to be up-to-date with the MMR vaccination.

How does Injections for MMR work?

Injections of MMR or vaccines for MMR disease provide long lasting protection against three conditions measles, mumps and rubella.

The vaccine is made from weakened forms of viruses. The viruses are modified in a certain way so in most cases they will not cause no to mild symptoms.

The vaccine makes your child’s immune system ‘respond’ and ‘recognize’ the viruses. This means when the child is infected with real viruses their immune system will quickly recognize the virus and act to stop the infection.

Why children need Injections for MMR?

The injections for MMR vaccine means your child is being protected against three diseases with one treatment only. In other cases, to immunize a child against three diseases would mean six injections over a longer period of time.

The core benefits of using injections for MMR would be:

  • Least to no risk of catching a disease.
  • Least risk of pain where the injections are given.
  • Less trauma for your child.
  • Least risk of missing vaccination due to less number of injections.

MMR injections have been responsible for a huge reduction in measles, mumps and rubella in children since its launch in 1988 in the UK. Single vaccines against these three diseases are non-available in the UK immunization program.

Things to consider:

Over the years, some concerns are shown that injections for MMR may link to autism. However, concern authorities CDC stand firm that there’s no evidence to support that idea. The benefits that the vaccine brings in disease prevention outweigh any potential risks.

*Reports based on a study, published in the lancet by Wakefield et al, where 12 children were observed, and declared as suffered from gastrointestinal problems and behavioral symptoms (similar to signs of autism).

Note: Always consult with your doctor or physician before taking any action from reading any article.